• Project 1 - New Building

    Donate to support our new building that will offer 100 enrollment slots to children birth to five years old and meet the need for quality childcare.

  • Project 2 - Add Playground Awning

    Donate and help us to add more playground equipment for our toddlers and an awning to protect the children during the summer heat.

  • Project 3 - Materials

    Donate to support purchasing of materials and supplies to give the children the best education and opportunities for success.

Why Are Donations Necessary?

Donations will allow us to provide funding  to increase childcare slots, offer a high quality facility, learning materials, educated and experienced staff and support children on the pathway to success who are our future leaders.

How Are My Donations Used?

Donations will primarily go towards new construction to increase enrollment slots, add services to infants, hire educated and experienced teachers to support the children, and provide an environment where learning flourishes and children can be whatever they want to be.

We accept donations through Venmo and Cashapp!


On behalf of the children, families and staff at The Academy at River Ridge we appreciate your donation.

Huge Thank You to the Following Donors

Richard Stemler at Stemler Plumbing, Inc.

Stemler Corporation


Together We Care

Mike Webb

Laurie Reid